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2023 PLE results

Feb 8, 2024communication0 comments

Yudesi Primary School, located in Kampala, Uganda, has distinguished itself as Kampala’s top primary school according to recent 2023 P.L.E results from the Uganda National Examination Board. This recognition highlights the school’s commitment to excellence in education, offering both day and boarding facilities across two campuses.

Yudesi Primary School is known for its high academic standards, achieving a remarkable 100% pass score in first grade. It prioritizes a balanced diet for its students, incorporates technology in classrooms, and promotes a wide range of extracurricular activities including sports and board games.

The school’s motto, “Crowing Cocks Were Once Eggs,” reflects its focus on nurturing students’ potential, equipping them with literacy, communication skills, and self-reliance, and ensuring their success in final exams. For more information, please visit their official website: Yudesi Schools Kampala.


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