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Feb 12, 2024communication0 comments

As the head of Yudesi Primary School, I’m thrilled to share our plans for Term 1 of 2024. We’re celebrating our recent academic triumphs, notably our outstanding performance in the P.L.E, where every candidate shone brightly.

This term, we’re excited to welcome both new and returning faces to our community. Key details include our reopening schedule, school fee requirements, and uniform guidelines. We’re also introducing swimming lessons, setting clear transport rules, and outlining our approach to discipline.

For parents and guardians, we’ve detailed our policies on visits and laid out the process for new student admissions. Our calendar is packed with essential dates for exams, visitation days, and other crucial activities.

My team and I are committed to providing a nurturing and disciplined environment for all our students. We’re looking forward to a term filled with growth, learning, and success. Blessings to all our families as we embark on this journey together. Download Circular


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