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Gayaza Road

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Yudesi Main Campus Buildings

Welcome to Yudesi Schools

Yudesi Main Campus Buildings

Welcome to Yudesi Schools

Pupils and teachers

We welcome all, This is our new website

Nursery School Section

This is one of the classroom buildings for our pre-primary students at Kalerwe Campus.

Lessons in Class

Pupils in Their classroom.

New building structure

Our new structure

Electoral commission

Welcome to
Yudesi Schools

We are a private institution established and registered by the Ministry of Education and Sports. Yudesi primary school is a day and boarding primary school. The school operates two different campuses, with one located at Kazo and the other along Gayaza Road which is referred to as Gayaza Road Campus. The Kazo Campus is located in Kazo town. We distinguish ourselves by the quality of its staff members and continued to play a unique educational role in the country.  Read More

P.l.E results 2023  Best school in Kampala

Notice Board

PTA Organization

Dear parents, Remember to always check here for meeting reminders.

School Meals

Our school meals are a combination of local food, fruits, and vegetables to provide a balanced diet to our learners. Health experts routinely work alongside our staff to ensure guidelines are followed.

Academic Standards

We have set our academic standards for our learners high and this is evident with our end-of-year P.7 results with a 90% pass score in first grade.

Extracurricular Activities

A combination of physical activities like football, netball, swimming, athletics, and more. Board games are encouraged to our learners and teachers create time for learners to engage with such activities.

Technology In the Classroom

We have a fully functional computer lab and allow our learners to learn new technology. Every child who leaves Yudesi knows the basic workings of a computer and how to use the computer.

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School Motto
“Crowing Cocks Were Once Eggs”

“To equip learners with quality education towards literacy, communication skills, self reliance and good performance in final exams”

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