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Welcome to the “Parents” page of Yudesi Primary School’s website. As a parent or guardian of a student at Yudesi, you play a vital role in your child’s education and overall well-being. It is important to understand your responsibilities and support your child throughout their time at our school.

One of the most important things you can do is to ensure that your child attends school regularly and arrives on time. Being punctual and present enables your child to fully participate in classroom activities and maximize their learning potential.

We also encourage parents to maintain open communication with their child’s teachers and the school administration. This can include attending parent-teacher conferences and staying up-to-date on school events and important dates.

In addition, parents are encouraged to support their child’s learning at home by providing a conducive environment for studying and completing homework, as well as encouraging good study habits and fostering a love for learning.

Finally, we ask that parents actively participate in school activities and events, such as volunteering and attending school functions. Your involvement helps create a positive school culture and shows your child that you value their education.

We appreciate your partnership in your child’s education and look forward to working together to provide the best possible learning experience for your child at Yudesi Primary School.

Thank you,


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